Project Management Structure

Project Management Structure

We take project management very seriously, from the ground up we follow and make any and all needed corrections. A good project management process is very important to lead to the products success. Our staff has their own role on different positions; they do it respectively and responsibly. What we deliver is not only product, but improvement and care about the detailed process of the product.

Project Integration

Information gathering with emails, telecommunication and meetings.


Internal project kick off
-Our own internal meetings and processes to get everyone involved and on the same page


Constant meetings with design teams for concept analysis
-Initial meetings with our designer to discuss product feasibility and suggestions


Provide RFI upon request
– Request for information on new project and product development will be given immediately

Product Development

Research and Development
-Analysis and provide the best solution on customer concepts and products


Introduction to our design department
-Designer to Designer communication


Material testing on the developmental stage
-Testing materials to make sure they follow all customers’ guidelines and needs before production begins


Close monitoring on the sampling stage
-Sampling with a clear understanding on the customers unique ideas
Quotation and production lead-times discussed with sales and project teams

Mass Production

-Ensure all information is well transferred to the production team, bringing up all important key points found during the sampling stage


Pilot production stage
-To find out any potential issues that may happen before hitting the full mass production line


Mass production quality control
-Strict hands on quality control starting from materials to final packaging