Quality Control

Quality Control

We have a well developed quality control system


Mass production material list
Approved and rejected product forms
Production line QC staff present for all stages


We can provide further testing in our in house testing facility.
We pay strict attention to our materials and finished products.
We have 21 testing machines in our lab including RoHS, Jerk, pull strength and zipper testing.

Material testing process

We perform material testing in 3 stage
Development stage for first samples
If any uncommon materials are used, we will perform internal test on materials, running parallel with the first round samples
We then Find out if there is any risk with the materials
If a test failed, we will find out how to improve the solution or source a new suitable material if it is not possible to pass testing


Development stage final sampling and golden samples:
We perform internal testing (or use a 3rd party lab upon request) on all final samples, before mass production material is ordered, if any material cannot reach the standard, we will improve before mass production material is ordered,
We then re-test the improved material from previous rounds


Mass production materials:
We perform tests on all materials based on customers standard
All tests must then be passed during this stage

Environmental substance testing

Our Lab has EDX1800B machines
Professional RoHS testing machine


RoHS Test


We monitors hazardous substances in our products
Leather/ textile material
Metal Parts
Plastic/Rubber parts
Edge oil/ink/glue
Packaging materials